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  1. Happy Valentine's Day!
  2. Hey there, I agree with ya about men, but I guess I'm stuck with one now lol. I'll talk to ya later, Moe
  3. Soft shells, when put in oven, they turn out like a nacho chip but sweet. The pb and j idea sounds great.
  4. Thank you for the friendship, happy to.
  5. Oh god, that sounds like heaven!

    flat tortilla shells? are they soft or crisp? I'm trying to picture what ones and.. well it's a slow morning, lol. The only thing that comes to mind are the thin soft ones used for wraps... am I cold or hot? ha. Sooo want to make it.

    Anytime I have soft tortilla shells leftover I spread a bit of peanut butter and jam on and roll it all up (like a fruit roll-up). Super quick and it cures that craving for something sweet.
  6. I had to work at a private party the other night, and someone used flat tortilla shells, spread a bit of butter on them, mixed cinnamon and sugar together, put on them, cut into it like a pie, in 8 then put in the oven at 350 for 7-10 minutes and baked, and served with a berry spiced salsa, man it was good, but I did not get the recipe for the berry mixture. But the chips were really good, would be awesome with that fruit dip you can get. Take care, Moe
  7. I've heard of it done with cream cheese, sounds yummy! (love cream cheese)

    ..I've just never had to try it with it. By the time I buy all of the ingredients it ends up costing about $20 (for dip! lol) and it lasts all of 5 minutes when I serve it at parties. No one ever notices so I've never bothered, lol. The next time I feel indulgent though, I'll have to try it myself.

    ..As for the kick, the salsa's enough, lol! I'm such a suck when it comes to anything that "bites" or "kicks" back.. LOL

    Thanks again
  8. TY for the recipe, I do the layer one as well, but soften creamcheese and mix it with the sour cream, then put alittle taco seasoning in it as well, gives it that bit of a kick. Thanks again, Moe
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