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  1. Well I tried downloading books but had issues with bittorrent... so I traded for some books from couponmummy, and got a 1 month free trial with so I have enough books to read for now..... .. but there was this one book, I really wanted lol, so I bought it from kobo books, and it was pretty cheap....

    Thanks again for the info and your thoughts on it! One more question... what brand of laundry detergent do you use on them? assuming you have washed them already in preparation!
    Have a great day!!!! are your boys excited for the new baby to come?
  2. I liked most of those company's pages on facebook and they tend to have deals going on too. Like % off or free items if you spend so much on them, lots have free shipping or a low amount to get free shipping as well. Those come in handy as well, never know when a really good deal will pop up. lol Have fun with it all! I know I am !

    *I keep writing too much haha I get too excited about this stuff*
  3. lol You're very welcome! So far my stash will have about 15 in it which is enough for part timing cloth diapering. I've never done it before so figured this would be a good way to start. From the things I've read, they recommend around 30 to cloth diaper full time so if all goes well, I'll keep adding to my stash until I reach around there. I've only spent approx $80 (most of which money from surveys, etc, only about $30 from my pocket) to get the 15 I have, so shopping around for package deals and ebay have really helped lowering the costs on it. I even won a set of cloth wipes so I can try those out as well. I bought a wet bag from Alvababy for $4 which was cheaper then ebay even so really looking around is the best thing to do. I'm an ebooker too lol but I kind of cheat and download them as pdf or txt torrents lol.
  4. You are awesome!!!! thank you so much for the links! how many do you plan on buying? I have $122 saved up so far! would be more, but I cant stop buying ebooks LOL Thanks again!
  5. Here's some links you can look at though: - forum for buying/selling/trading cloth diapers - saving up for the girl set right now, its adorable! - I bought 10 cloth diapers for $60 from them - Very cheap and have heard good things as well - love the look of them but wish they were cheaper - love the patterns but still a bit much

    These are just a few bookmarks I have lol. I've been entering a ton of blog giveaways for cloth diapers to try to win a few of the bigger name ones but so far no luck. Lots of other goodies since I enter all the giveaways on a blog lol but so far no cloth diapers. Good luck with TTC .
  6. My favorites so far are Fuzzi Bunz, Kawaii, Glow Bugs and Grovia. I like the pocket ones or the one size ones. I only have a few yet but have soo many coming lol but I still have a few weeks until baby comes so will have those in time. I've been using paypal and survey money to start my stash of them. The start up cost of cloth diapers is really expensive but if you start early doing that, you can pretty much get them for free over time and save a huge amount in the end. I'm a planner as well so I know exactly what you mean on that lol. I have a ton of links as well of things I've been looking into and sites that sell cheap. I just made a purchase from SunBaby not long ago and have been buying singles on eBay whenever I have Superpoints money.

    I have some links but I had to shorten my message lol I'll send them in the next one.
  7. Hey there!!! Just noticed your post in the freebies thread.... what brand of cloth diapers are you looking at? DH and I are TTC #1... and Im a planner, so I have been doing lots of research lol. I like the sound of Kawaii baby.... Ive been saving up paypal and survey money to pay for them!
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