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  1. THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH MOMMY BK! that review was amazing and it was extremely helpful! From all the research I did I always wanted to ask someone that actually used the products recently and luckily I found you! I am very excited to use the products now and your reviews were very helpful! Again thank you VERY much and wishing you all the health and happiness with you baby and family
  2. Hi there.

    I love the High Chair because it has a toy that comes with it and it keeps my daughter occupied while i prepare her food. it also has a toy attached on a cord which she plays with while i feed her and it wipes clean. it reclines back and moves up and down as well. keep the chair!

    The musical mobile is a MUST keep. my daughter loves watching the things move around and she's almost 7 months and still loves it! it has 3 music settings and 1 rainforest sound so lots of options to keep changing it up. there's even a remote so you can just restart the music without going right up to the crib. Great mobile...keep this one for sure!

    We didnt get the jumperoo because my daughter has an exercauser which she loves and jumps in it all the time, so why waste money and clutter up our house with essentially the same thing. i would recommend getting one or the other not both unless you have a big house.

    I have a different play pen, not the RF one, but i recommend having a playpen so since you already have the RF might as well keep it!

    Definitely keep the swing. I dont have this one but I have a Fisher Price one, and it's a god send the nights the baby just wants to be held and rocked and you just want to sleep or get some rest...the swing will do wonders! Advice - get the baby used to the swing from DAY 1. don't wait until the first time baby is cranky....put the baby in when its calm....right from the start.

    i agree about not needing the bouncer, but what i have instead is the newborn to toddler rocker by fisher price. its awesome. it reclines back for when she's napping and you can move it upright when she wants to play. As the baby gets older you can make it into a toddler chair.

    I would say dont get stuck on having everything from the same collection, even though its nice to have. some things just aren't as good as other brands. so who cares...mix and match...just get the best stuff out there... i did my research and read reviews on toys r us to see what other moms thought of these products!!

    hope this helps
  3. Hi Mommy BK, congratulations on the baby! I just saw your post about having the RAINFOREST collection. I was wondering if I could ask you something about the set?
    A few months ago I received a few pieces and now have a few more. I haven't used any of the products yet (waiting for the baby to arrive). I currently have:

    -RF Highchair
    -RF Mobile
    -RF Jumparoo
    -RF pack and play
    -RF swing

    I think thats about it, we didn't get the bouncer as the swing would probably be better So im wondering which of these products do you think are amazing and worth keeping? I wont be using any for a bit longer and if someone tells me how they are I can decide if I want to return the useless ones Thanks alot and good luck with the baby!!
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