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  1. I'm
  2. Hey hey hey!!!!
  3. <3
  4. Beep!!
  5. <iframe title="YouTube video player" width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  6. Wow I really am not on here much at all anymore!
  7. Again sorry if you see this my phones acting up again..
  8. If you're around sorry my phone f'd up again on thurs morning and was emergency calls only again.
  9. What..
  10. I really am very sorry about the butcher job. I am off to bed so have a nice Christmas for real.
  11. Lol thanks for the Santa. Seriously my hair is bad!

  12. Wait thats not the right one,lol..

  13. off to bed too,lol.
  14. lol So we're in the same boat, well gotta go put the crazies to bed!
  15. Yup.ill have 4 hours on the new system sun and monday then 1 1/2 hours tues morning. Wed afternoon they will do the computer cut over and remove the old system.
  16. Ewww extra hours.
    Yeah we jsut got a new system last week at work. Thought I was gonna cry, get 4 hours of training and then I was left alone.
  17. Tired but not as tired as you I guess,lol. Computer training is coming at work for our new system. I work sunday 1-5pm and then I work sun 10pm to noon monday. Then 10pm monday to 9am tues. Tues night Im back to my normal 11pm to 7am.
  18. tired, very very tired.

    Just need to get through this month then all is good, how are you???
  19. Yup, thanks for the pic, how are u.
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