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  1. Aha! There you are. Nice to see you again. Nope this is not a magic mushroom. It's a Shaggy Mane mushroom. Apparently they taste good.

  2. Boo!
  3. Thanks for the reps, love the blossoms pic
  4. Thanks for the rep!
  5. Sweet, im still going to raid the recycling cause I will def be using a bunch of those coupies.

    Nah nothing on my wishlist.
    This will be my last train for a while cause I am full of coupons lol
    I am just trying to get rid of them at this point!
  6. The Easter Bunny came! I snagged 4 copies of the Brandsaver at McDonalds this morning so I think I'm okay now. Thanks for being back up.

    I'm just putting together some wish list envies for the skanky train. Was there anything more for your wish list? Anything that you haven't been able to find out there? Would you like some Sidekicks stackables?

  7. I found one BS flyer, it's yours
    I'm gonna keep looking for more cuz the coupons are too awesome
  8. If you ever want any soapnuts just let me know. I have a ton. It costs more to ship them than what they are to buy. Ridiculous
  9. Thanks for keeping an eye out for another Brandsaver. I might be able to get lucky tomorrow. I mean re: the Brandsaver. I'll let you know how I do.

    And thanks for the link to the Soapnuts thing. Really intriguing!
  10. Not so much luck on the brandsaver but I will keep looking til I find at least a few more. I have one for me and one I already promised to a friend. If I find another one it is totally yours, I will send it on the skank train to you, lol
  11. Hi! Did you find lots and lots and lots of copies of the Brandsaver insert? I've found none and I've searched everywhere!

    But I did find some Purdy's Ice Cream coupons and McDonald's Specialty Coffee coupons!

    And what the heck are soapnuts? (French Lady's thread on cheap housecleaning tips)
  12. Thanks for the rep! More power to the distributors"!!!
  13. Yes you shock and amaze me at your generosity and your organization!
  14. Thanks for the rating! Glad you liked the coupies.
  15. no totally ignore me
    I have been drinking and am thinking of someone else's post obviously.

    Wish List?

    Honestly I never expected to get as much as I did, if there was a super positive feedback you would def get it.

    I can't believe how late is is but I'm not tired yet
  16. I finally know what I want to do? Hmmm, I'm drawing a blank on that one. Lost in space!

    BTW... I'm hopefully going to be mailing that train (the restaurant coupons one) back to you soon. Haven't got it yet, but maybe this week. Any changes to your wish list?
  17. Nice! I miss mountains. When I drive through them I wish I could just pull over and climb.
  18. Good morning! Thanks for the compliment on my profile pic. That's in Waterton Lakes National Park (SW corner of Alberta) about three years ago.
  19. Nice profile pic!
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