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  1. think you are my number 1 fan and friend!!! Thank you foe the rep and I am glad you enjoyed the cartoon.... I did as well!
  2. Thank you very much for the rep and for your good wishes on my new job. I know it is out there, we just need to find one another....
  3. Thanks for the rep and for asking about my daughter. She is feelijg better with each passing day.... though we are definately going to se the specialsit.... It is important we know what is going on and why... You are very kind and I appreciate that you care about my daughter! Hope your Sunday is a relaxing one!!!
  4. Thank you for repping me...It has been a while since I've seen you prior to the other day... I hpe to relax, though my mom says, no rest for the wicked....
    Enjoy a fabulous Suinday!
  5. I hope you are enjoying the long weekend, and a happy Thanksgiving to you and your family
  6. How are you my friend? Thanks for the rep...Did you try to call in today?
    I could only try a few times. I need my job... anf that is 1st and foremost.... Perhaps next week I will get lucky..I will see you later!
  7. Thank you for visiting me and dropping off a rep.
    I hope your weekend is being good to you!
  8. Thank you for the rep. Are you enjoying the summer so far? I think it is one to remember for a long time!
  9. Thank you very much and same to you! I am hoping for
  10. Thank you for the happy Monday rep!
    I hopes your Monday was special for you!
  11. We are heading to Montreal to be with my family! Haven't been there often enough.
    Have a huge deck to sand down and then re-stain. It is cedar, and prefer it not turn grey. It is still only April 1. So we are a month ahead almost! I hope winter doesn't arrive a month early! Have an enjoyable East and long weekend!
  12. Doing good, thanks for asking. And you? Yard work all weekend, never time to rest, like 'polywog 23', I'll get enough rest when I die. What are your plans for the easter weekend?
  13. Thank you for the rep! How are you? Have you any plans for the long Easter weekend?
  14. Thank you for visiting me and for the rep! I hope you are enjoying yourself this weekend!
  15. Thank you very much for the rep mossma! I really appreciate it!
    I expect to reciprocate as soon as I am able and out of jail!
  16. OH that is wonderful!!!!
    I open my windows whenever possible... I thrive on fresh air... Maybe this weekend I won't need gloves on inside? lol
  17. Save the window opening ceremonies for the weekend, it's going to be nice! Spring is a comin'
  18. Yes Yes Yes.... my windows are open.... and I am freezing lol
  19. Sunny days are here!
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