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  1. Thanks! Wish I was there to meet you!
  2. No problem. Life happens. Cute little girl!
  3. Sorry about yesterday. I got a surprise ticket to a conference and became completely absent minded!
  4. I have a dragon on my upper back, a vine of orchids from my shoulder to half down my back, initials made to look like Chinese characters on the inside and outside of my wrist and a quarter sleeve koi. I almost did a half sleeve on the other arm but thought I should relax on it for a bit. Lol
  5. To start my avatar is part of me as a pin-up girl. I have an art-nouveau dragonfly that covers the top part of my back from shoulder to shoulder and a large rose on my left ankle with tears that says Daddys Girl. I have a tiny maple leaf that has to be redone as I had it done when I was 18. I am going to have it made into a balloon and have a drawing that my daughter did when she was 3 of Mickey Mouse (It is an Awesome pic he is even wearing gloves) holding it and some other balloons. I have several others I want but there is always that darn money thing. I always joke go big or go home. So what do you have?
  6. I always see your "tattoed" and I'm so curious! I'm tattoed too and would love to know what you have!! Ha ha ha
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