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  1. Thanks for the rep. Hope you have a good new year
  2. Merry Christmas to you and family. I hope it was a good one.
  3. Thanks, was OK. Waiting for pay at 2am lol.
  4. Thanks for the rep; enjoy Sunday!
  5. Happy Halloween, watching ghost adventures now.
  6. Thanks, have a good week.
  7. Happy thanksgiving to you..
  8. Thanks for the rep, hope you're having a good weekend..
  9. Have a good week.
  10. Thanks for the rep, have a good week.
  11. Thanks for the Rep. And I'm not buying a bean bag or anything at least for a while till I've been at job for a while.
  12. Thanks, I probably wouldn't buy anything for a while anyway. I'm more worried about food overall and my rent. Hope you have a good weekend. I'm so sore from work but that's what the weekend is for lol.
  13. Thanks for easter wish. Sorry I haven't been around been busy and had to get new phone lol..
  14. Happy st. Patricks day. I finally have internet at home.
  15. Thanks for the valentines sorry I haven't had access to the net for a while not even at the library since I owed them money which I paid today lol.
  16. Happy new year to you, have a good year.
  17. Been wanting to say merry christmas. Sorry I dropped my phone and cracked the screen and now wifi acts up. I think the wifi antena popped out of the back lol. Anyway hope you had a good christmas.
  18. Have a good seek..
  19. Hope you're having a good week.
  20. "If you truly wish to make apple pie from must first invent the universe".
    Carl Sagan..

    Happy thanksgiving..I thought I would leave you with a quote this time LOL.
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