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  1. Thanks for the rep and hope you have a good week to come.
  2. I'll try and you too..
  3. Thank you for repping me this past week! Hope the week ahead is good to you!
  4. Thanks enjoy your sunday. I sure did because I got the job at Tim Hortons baking 45 hours a week full time. First day is wed at 11.30am for video training. Then about 2-3 weeks actual on the job training.
  5. Lol, thanks for the rep.
  6. Have a good weekend.

  7. Hope you have a good week.
  8. Thanks for the rep..
  9. Thanks for the rep..

  10. Thanks..
  11. Thanks and have a good rest of the week.
  12. Hoppy Easter.

  13. Thanks for the rep, hope you had a good weekend.
  14. Thanks, hope you have a good weekend.
  15. Happy new year to you.
  16. Merry Christmas to you and thank you for all your reps and posts over the past year. I'll still be around even if my access to the net sucks lol.
  17. Hope you have a good Christmas eve and Christmas. I'm at work till 11pm and no reservations left to arrive lol. Caseys restaurant next door to us already closed.
  18. Hope you have a good week coming up.
  19. Hope you're having a good weekend. Just stopping by to say hi.
  20. Hope you had a good weekend as much as possible.
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