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  1. hello
  2. have a good day and good weekend
  3. oh take your time

    would you like to be one of the first to see one of my newer stories?
  4. I know the stories are there - but I just knew I couldn't enjoy them as I was or give them the concentration I would want to; flitting around the tea room doesn't take much brain power, lol! I will get my red pen out as soon as I can!
  5. oh dear. im soprry to hear that you werent feeling well.

    im glad you are starting to feel better

    im doing okay right now
    did you see the short stories i posted in the tea room. Im trying to get feedback on them so i can improve them
  6. Hi, hun! I haven't been feeling very well, and I'm sorry I didn't respond the first time to you.... I am on the mend, though...
    I hope things are going okay for you... I've been thinking about you!
  7. how are you doing?
  8. how are you doing?
  9. how are you doing today?
  10. Have a wonderful day
  11. have a great day
  12. Hope your weekend is WONDERFILLED!!!
  13. aww, thanks
  14. good words of advice
  15. no i havent yet. not enough snow, thoguht when there is i probably wont anyways. i never really liked it
  16. much happiness to you this holiday season
  17. Hoping everything is going well for you gryphon - have a great week ahead!
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