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  1. Thankyou so much for the pet coupons!! they arrived today..
    Thanks so very much,
    Alison aka addismom
  2. i will send you all the pet coupons , to help the shelter i will be more than happy, i love animals, i also have a 6 yrs old cat very much loved.
  3. I would be happy with any! I also buy thgs for the animal shelter as well as another SC is in need of coupons for her local animal shelter that is in real dire need and trying not to close their doors. So I will be sending her a bunch of mine in the next week,to try and help out. She has a London drugs,so stacking means really cheap pet foods!! Dont I wish!! lol
    My address is 52 Beckett drive,Brantford,Ontario,n3t 6g2.
    Thaks so very much,Alison Ingertsa
  4. of course the pet coupons are still available , let me know which ones would you like , give me your address and i will mail them on monday for you
  5. I can use the pet coupons if they are still available. Thanks
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