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  1. Noodge - hope you are having a great day, and thanks for all the words.
  2. Thanks for the rep. Have a wonderful weekend!
  3. Thanks Noodge - have a great day!
  4. Happy Valentines day tomorrow, Noodge. Thanks for your very hard work!
  5. Thanks for all the hard work and the kind words to everyone you post! Not to mention the words for P & P. You are amazing!
  6. Thank You, Noodge! Hope you have a great weekend, and thanks for posting all the words. Really appreciate it.
  7. Have a great day Noodge. Thanks for all the words and being a wonderful person.
  8. Thanks for the rep, Noodge.
    Also thank you for all your hard work!
  9. Hope you have a great Valentine week! Thanks for working so hard for the rest of us!
  10. You are funny Noodge! Thank YOU for working so hard and getting words for the rest of us! Have a great week!
  11. You are welcome. I read that on Dr. Weil's site. Apparently, astragalus is a mixture of more than one herb. As soon as I have a cold coming on I take it and my cold seems to disappear. Dr. weil said to take it daily, but I don't.
  12. Thanks Noodge. Hope you have a great day!
  13. Happy New Year to you too. Hope 2011 is awesome for you!
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