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  1. Hi Mo, just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. I am trying to get over pnemonia so I am so far behind in every way this year. Have a great Christmas and hope you get lots of winning emails!!!
  2. Hi noonefan, thanks for the reps and good luck wishes. Hope all has been well, and talk soon, Moe.
  3. If you get a ritz from Monica, guess who, Moe.
  4. Wow, that sounds so cool, good for you. Not much going on here, had the day off, so been vegging out here on SC and checkin some differrent things out.
  5. Pretty good moe. Keeping busy getting ready to do a 16 day trip to Charlotte for the Nascar races in May and trying to open an Official Nascar Members Club here. Lots of Nascar fans so should be fun. How about you? Mary
  6. HI noonefan, thanks for the rep. How's things been going?
  7. HI ya noonefan, thanks for the rep, wow I'm surprised, never been to a spa or anything like that before. If I can use them for day stuff, will be going to london to have something done, just not sure what. Thanks again and hope you have a great day, Moe.
  8. At the JLC, a friend of ours got the tickets for her, myself and my two little girls. They thought it was great. They behaved so well, and didn't even ask for any of the crap they were selling outside of it, that really surprised me.
  9. Yes we went last Thusday night to the JLC here in London. Yes it was good. I took my 17 year old granddaughte with us and she really enjoyed it. Where did you see it at? Mary
  10. Hey, did you see the princess's on ice? We went to the 11 o'clock show on Saturday, it was great.
  11. Thanks for the rep and the luck noonefan, have a great day, Moe.
  12. I was #13, I thought she was # 9.
  13. What # were you? She was what #10?
  14. Thanks so much. Not much fun when I did not even get a key to try. LOL
  15. I watched noonefan, sorry ya didn't win the car.
  16. thanks for the rep and luck noonefan, have a great day, Moe.
  17. Hi noonefan, thanks for the rep and the good luck.
  18. Thanks noonefan, still have to find out all the details, but am happy to have won, lightened up on all the entering lately, spent too much time doing all the contests, so it was a real nice suprise.
  19. Thank you for the rep boost noonefan, have a great day, Moe.
  20. Thank you for the rep and luck noonefan, and love the pic.
  21. Totally agree with you noonefan, a great list for the beginning of the week.
  22. Nice to see wins here at SC
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