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  1. if i'm not on tommorrow, it's my back

    think i sat too long at computer, then 1.5 hours at school, then the 20 min drive to tkd, then 1 hr sitting at tkd, 20 more mins home..then back on computer..

    would do it eh?
  2. Thanks for the compliment on my kitty. It is so cold here, its almost unbearable. I haven't been out of the house since my last ultrasound, because the cold makes my morning sickness SO much worse.

    I can't seem to rep anyone at all anymore. I even tried going to other threads to rep people who I don't really see on our thread, but no good. Dunno... very wierd.

    Sure, I'll take Ryan for a couple days... lol. Him and Winter would get along great at the moment, she's climbing the walls since we hardly go anywhere lately. Poor kid.

    I felt so bad when I read that thing about Blair and the Sobey's. I'm sure they will just brush it off, no matter how mad you were in your communication with them. Those kind of companies just want to shush everyone, and if they get yelled at a little, they don't mind
  3. I lurv your kitty's outfit!!! wanted to give you rep for it, but said i can't. damn system. someone fooked with the wiki all the hunt words are gone. reported it to minds eye. but not much she can do is there?


    how you feeling chickey?

    want a hyperkid?
  4. NS, do you mean the "ITZ Santa!!" picture? A friend had it on her blog, though I can see from the bottom of it that it was on icanhazcheezburger at some point. I LOVED it as soon as I saw it.
    I thought of doing the same thing, it would make an adorable christmas card
  5. OMG michelle! where did you get that pic! i gotta steal that and figure out how to make xmas cards from it. LMAO! it's SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!
  6. Merry Christmas, my dear friend
  7. here's a hint what you have to do tonight


    free, posted by wakeforsoul:
  9. am sitting here doing openmind (still have about 20 left) drooling over gh, and wondering if he's going to get his card. ugh
  10. I am so glad you liked your lolcat.
    We had a cat with a psychosis too, she pulled her fur out and a lot of it never grew back, poor thing.

    I lurvs ya
  11. OMG MY SISTA! that's my cookie monster!!! and she does have a psychosis. the vet said, she (was) pulling her fur out, she was completely bald except for her face and tail. the vet said she had a psychosis. i said, you mean she's nuts? yes. they replied.

    that and food allergies. she had several things going on. in heat all the time..roowREWOWREWOWOW.


    she got all her fur back, but her belly-hair seems thin.
  12. speaking of fun fun candy....

    watch yer tail. i'm @ #6
  13. ROFLMAO!

    that's exactly how the converstion goes out our house..will you tell your SON to..*whatever*

    how come he's my son when he's not behaving?

  14. Dis for you, my sista.
  15. I threw em out!
  16. Every week that Michaels puts out a flyer, there is a coupon on it for 50% off one regular priced item.

  17. i never thought of michaels. we have that store here as well. might check into it. they often have sales. and omg, i think i threw out somekinda coupon in their last flyer.

  18. We are talking about Gale. LOL

    I will call the 2 places I know of that carry the largest amount of Bernat, but I doubt anyone will beat that price even with shipping. Michael's crafts is what we mainly have here, and their prices are a giant ripoff.
  19. rofl hot sexy? we talking about gale or yarn?

    ya i like the hemp, and just the sound of it. ques. is it possible to find bernat organic cotton around here in specialty stores rather than ordering it? (altho ordering might turn out to be cheaper, because of the disc?)

    and what i like is, it's an all natural fiber, but it's SOFT, not like that mercanized cotton one. ty for stopping me there! lol
  20. The hemp color is awesome, and the price is sooo nice. I love Mary Maxim, I order a lot of yarn from them cause our yarn stores here suck. Besides that pricey store, the best I can hope for is zellers or walmart and they always have the same crappy yarn. I do like the sound of that yarn, they make it sound all hot and sexy. LOL
    sexy yarn, who knew
  21. HEY YOU MIGHT BE ONTO SOMETHING. check this one out, and it's on sale!

    watchoo think of hemp (color)? ain't that what they make hukas from?

    under $20 with shipping. added 1 extra ball of yarn. and it says it's soft to the touch feels good to the skin..mmm skin...mind going in gutter...can't get out...hopeless...
  22. ugh, 37.90 for the lions brand.

    i'm going to check some local stores here, least i might be able to save the outrageous shipping.

    so the pattern says that i need a mainly natural fiber to prevent twisting or curling i forget. because of the stitch being used. a good yarn store should be able to suggest something.

    i want something soft and that cashemere blend sounds amazing..but alas, just a poor nova scotian here.

    but i wanna wow him so he's like, who made that scarf? i'm in LURV!
  23. That Sonata wool looks like it might be a little too stiff... you don't want it curling on the edges, like that lady's sweater in that photo. I think you need something a little bit less cottony.. one sec.
  24. grr..will this wool work? i'm not fond of it, but i guess the can price of that other wool..$13 ball!

    i can get 5 balls for $20 inc shipping..
  25. $8.50/ball! and i think that's US! and the color gorgeous!
  26. well..there is a specialty yarn store here in hfx. but isn't it gonna cost a small fortune for the wool? like what kinds would u suggest, and when i'm out i'll check?

    i don't want something so hairy you can't see the pattern. lol!
  27. Ohhhhh its BEAUTIFUL!!!
    And perfect! And you are right, it would be amazing in Grey.

    Hmmmmm...... It is a shame we don't have the variety of yarns here in Canada that they do in the USA.
    I have an amazing yarn store near my house. Maybe I can find something there and send it to you.
    I bet she has something amazing in a Merino blend there. She has the greatest yarns, some hand dyed and such.

    Let me give her a call.
  28. omg, tell her..they ain't OREOS!
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