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  1. o, now that is FREAKY!
  2. LMAO at that lolcat that you put in my profile messages. I loved that one so much that I have it as my wallpaper, and when you sent it to me, it made me know once again that we are kindred spirits! hehehe
  3. Just because

  4. hope everyone is feeling better soon!
  5. I can't go to bed... I keep throwing up every 5 or 10 minutes, so I'm consoling myself with sitting in front of the computer, lol.

  6. get to bed chickey.
  7. there was no one more perfect for the job!
  8. I was glad to do it, the wiki thing, that is.. I just want everyone to be happy and friendly again, and it makes me sad that some people were so rude to you! I know that some people don't have time to filter through the posts on the forum, so doing the wiki seemed like a great compromise, and I am an organizational FREAK, so it felt natural... lol

    I'm glad it made you happy
  9. YOU IS AWESOME. I'M SO DAMN PROUD OF YOU for volunteering for the wiki thing. Your probably the most kind and fun one of us all.

  10. so glad your back, but so sad your in pain hope you recover quickly. we missed you!!!
  11. how are you doing..your probably all doped up from just having was this thurs right or is it next thurs???

    well, you'll probably be off work for a while, like my neigbhour..he's off for a week to 10 days. so you'll have lots of time to play stack the cats. I bumped you to #2, but yer still #1 to me.

    I figure we do the same as we did with that 5-in-a-row game and take turns being #1 and #2 until some arcade geek with 50 highscores comes along and steals it from both of us!

    hope your back to your LOLself in no time!



  13. rofl! luv the cat being *in her best spongebob voice* aaaalieeeens...
  14. Holy crap, woman... I just looked at your album, you have SO MANY PETS!
    And your boy is a cutie!
  15. Hang in there, honeybunch. We're all here if you need to vent!
  16. thanks lol. i appreciate that. i'll let you know what happens.

    keep your avatar. it keeps my spirits up.
  17. hey, i just realized, i'm FROSH.

    that's good right?
  18. *sigh*

    going to be another LONNNNNg night!

    ooh..i'm going to ...BEFRIEND YOU:p
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