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  1. Wah, my puter is mussed up! Can't use my email!!!
    Stupid AVG!!! Grrr! Had it!
    Left message on Boo's page. Hope somebody reads and can help?

  2. Thank you for the rep MF! Muchly appreciated.

  3. You up already? I am just heading to bed heehee

    Thought I'd say g'mornin' first!
  4. Roughing it were they?

    I agree tho, chocolate is necessary to survival

    Mine anyway?!
  5. speaking of smore's.. omg, you got lolcat on ritz smores? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo


    anyway, DS did the survival training last..thurs? anyway, they built shelters, etc, and then built a campfire and had hot chocolate and smores
  6. Heehee. Me likie those little pictures too.
    Ya your version sounds munch better but not as covenient.

    Guess I could open door on woodstove and melt up a few occasionally?!

    OK, now I am hungry too! Ah, here comes dh with fresh cuppa tea!
    Game time for me!

    Sweet dreamz mf!


    ritz smores? i donno..

    we usually take a graham cracker square, top with a 100% hersheys (gotta be hersheys no way around it) square of chocolate, top with a marshemellow (roasted of course), topped with another graham square.

    now all this talk of goodies has made me hungry. i go sleep now zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..tty2morrow.
  8. I am

    ain't no stinky crumbly fake cheez in these???

    Please don't make fun of my new favorite mini cookie?

    You'll make me

    Ritz S'mores are just made by that cheez-ish cracker company.

    They are graham cracker minis with chocolate and marshmallow (white icing?) filling and I them! Stoopid coupons! S'mores are nummy 'puter snak that disappear just like that! Melt in your mouth Mmmmmm-y! Is it safe to make fun of cookies so close to xmas? Never know who might be lurking and running to the big guy with that list of his?

    Don't they sell S'mores out on the east coast? Whatta rip?!

  9. chickey..i donno if they do thing diff in MB, but our smores don't contain cheese... lol
  10. chickey..i donno if they do thing diff in MB, but our smores don't contain cheese... lol
  11. I like grocery shopping a whooooole lot more now I am in Sc's coupon club! Our IGA had Kraft cheese slices on special last week and the crackers...which is good cuz I'm hooked on those darn S'mores! I wanted to get to SDM (had a receipt to get credit for points for) but didn't get out at all this weekend afterall. Hubby will get me my points tomorrow after he delivers my gift.
  12. that's why they tell u not to eat the yellow snow...

    hey your 2.50 off coupon came in handy today. got pb and cheesewhiz. sobeys put the pb on ..10c cheaper. woopie! (dripping with sarcasm).

    got free fish today. sdm had sign up for highliner salmon, came up reg price. turns as over fri! they gave it too me under SCOP. but she said she had to scan it at a penny? wtf? that was weird. but i'm not complaining! it was 5.49!!!!

  13. Heehee! This Santa cracks me up!

  14. Thanks for the trade rep!!!
  15. You up early for a weekend? What time is it there? Maybe not so early then???
  16. You out shopping already? Would you believe it?! I forget to get free Tylenol when I was at Walmart?! Figures?! typical me! LOL

  17. Thanks for the trade!!!

    My envelpoe arrived today...

    Chocolate!!! O boy, o boy, o boy!

    Thank you!
  18. Hey, I like that avatar under my msgs! Looks like kitty is licking my monitor LOL

    That cat joke is priceless! Bet that's exactly what its thinking give or take a expurlative or two?
  19. I love my new siggies sooo much!
    Thanks for referring me to theTick!!! She's awesome like you!
  20. After poppy day, okay.

    Havum goodun!
  21. when rememberance day is over, help me get that kitty on my avatar.
  22. ugh..forgot to put in the pm, that i couldn't find the oxy clean ones..the rest are there tho.
  23. OK, I will take a boo once I read my PMs. Thx!
  24. i'm going to go over and look at your list now. let me know if you want any of mine. i have to get rid of some anyway. alot expire in nov. so don't hesitate to just ask for some!
  25. I jes updated my coupons. I think I added a few good 'uns.

    Liked how you had yours arranged and redid mine.

    If you want to trade sometime, PM me?
  26. I resized it to 75 x 100, that last one is little. Some tyoe is hard to read tho. I made it for fun. You don't have to use as avatar.
  27. ya, she' sfine..will she still wag her tail tho? sometimes when u minimize you lose the action..

    where do i grab it from? my profile page or?
  28. It'll be better when I own the program & that ad line isn't there on top of everything....
  29. Had to play with the type - it's so small... hope it's readable enough?!

    Will this kitty due for now?

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