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  1. Hi there! - I have a maple leaf sweater pattern to send you if you are still interested - just pm me your address - I finally found it while spring cleaning! - avoncallingu
  2. Happy Holidays!
  3. geez i'm just getting my notifications, how bad is that? dont' worry about the pattern. i am making a norweigan one, it's reindeers and snowflakes. 5 colors. he's going to be 13 in jan. if your pattern fits and u ever come across it lmk
  4. Now that's some picture! whew! Let me cool down a bit! I haven't found the pattern yet - I've been ultra busy - but I'll give it a try over the weekend. What size/age is your son?
  5. hello avon! I am desperately looking for a pattern for a maple leafs sweater and you came up in my search i read yer post and was wondering if you found it yet. and if you'd be willing to scan it for me?

    i am making it for xmas for my son, we bought/won some little olympic items and i wanted something homemade. i was going to do a snowflake pattern but the damn thing isn't going to the right gauge.

    thx in advance

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