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  1. happy birthday

  2. enjoy your turkey
  3. hi ya
  4. what are you doing today ?
  5. good morning
  6. i'm doing good! i finally got yer pkg sent out today :D
  7. ns how are you today?
  8. i saw you too. i sent you something
  9. i found you. the eyore gave u away
  10. ns forgot under kaela ogletree on face book
  11. you'd be on the half our , nfld is the only on ethat isn't right
  12. your hour or mine? im a half an hour different remember.
  13. i seen that. every hour on the hour, a quicky survey is open for about 15 mins to do. if you havne't done them arleady. they are worth 1 each. there's faq's and terms and conditions. just asking if you use them on other sites.

    if you need help with this thing, pm me, but keep in mind, i'm just learning about it too. but u should be up to 20 pts straight off, if you update your profile and do the trial survey.
  14. i used your spider link,
  15. thanks i loved the picture

  16. HAPPY EASTER! incase i'm not around much this week and our paths don't cross.
  17. i'm jealous. i think mine sounds like mr. rogers.
  18. you can say will you be my friend but i can't fancy up 1 post. jealous
  19. ok safe to say that i will have to eat crow this time. urggg
  20. i need 5 for my next g/c.

    I need about $40 worth now for my wii, cause i used paypal to buy ryan some downloadable programs to help with his division. so worth it tho, cause i only had to pay $8 instead of $30 that would include a bunch of stuff i don't need. (i told u i'm homeschooling right?)

    so next year, i'll go to staples or whatever and buy a grade 7 pkg if they have it, or if i even need one..

    i'm rambling aren't i? i never got to bed til 4 am
  21. how many do you need?
  22. baby butts...

  23. for being you.
  24. not yet chickey. i just dropped off 3 letters for ontario, and it said, taht it takes 3 days within the province. omg. so how long is it when it's 3 provinces away??
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