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  1. Heyy NS. Had Some Hard Time's Over The Summer. Moved To Texas. lol Hope You Are Well =)
  2. Just checkin in and seeing how your doing.

  3. so glad to hear from you!!! keep in touch, your well liked around here ya know.
  4. Heyy you. Long Time No Talk. Just Wanted To Let You Know That I'm OK. Love Ya Ns ♥ -Tristan
  5. hans't happned yet, boo is really slow getting aroudn to stuff.
  6. hahahaha. awesome. i bet she will get pissed. in a funny way though. LOL
  7. i'll let u in on it, since i was supposed to start yesterday but boo dint' get around too it. i'm supposed to have unlimited rep and be kinda like someone that goes around spreading happiness to new members etc just to make everyone feel welomed and appreciated. your mom will hate it because she's a self proclaimed anal repper, but I have THE POWER!!! or supposed to..
  8. Soooooo, Has theTick figured out what "bullshyt" you are planning to give out that my mom won't like. LMFAO!!!
  9. i'm well. and yes, i know about the beaver addiction. it scares me. LOL. but still, she's my mom, i have to deal with it. LOL. not that i want to all the time... BUUUT ANNYYYWAAYYY... How are you YOU??
  10. your mom has a thing for beavers..yes she's been tormenting as usual, but i keep missing her. she has some newbies in our thread to keep her busy for a while. it's nice to have u pop in once in a while you know? how is ya doing?
  11. hello hello hello.
    my mom annoying you yet today?
  12. Well HELLO TRISTAN! I had to drop in and see who was requesting my friendship! see you around, enjoy SC
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