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  1. thanks for your msg! i won't keep you. STUDY HARD!!! btw, wat are u studying??
  2. Aww! So sry to hear that! I dunno what it is with some Zellers! I have fam that lives a few hours from here and their Zellers always seem considerably better than ours! Cleaner, better prices... happier people?.. Even two Zellers here in this city seem totally different. I also don't think they have to send it back to the Manu.... Wouldn't the manu say "Ya they broke. They're dishes.. you have to be careful with them!" I'm glad you still ended up getting a good set.. you can eat off your nice dishes and think about the associates that were rude and how they must eat their icky processed meals while working at Zellers ! I hope thing are well now! Wish I could keep chatting but I have to get back to studying at the moment
  3. just got a dh and a ds going around messing up the house so bad i can't keep up. but i got it all nice and tidy, and put the boots to them.

    mad at zellers now tho. they put aside my dishes til hubby got off dh picks up this box, all ducttaped, and something was rattling. so he opened it. one cup was broke, and 2 were missing!

    luckily there was one more set left.

    so he took the bad set to cust service and told them wat was wrong and asked to speak to a mgnr about buying it cheaper. they wouldn't call the mgnr and told them they couldn't sell it it had to go back to the manufacturer.

    now that's bull. obviously someone returned the dishes, or whatever..and they should have checked b4 returning it to the floor. or they ductaped it themselves.

    i hate zellers. so bad..
  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that! What's wrong? Everything will be better soon! Keep you head up and remember you're loved!
  5. GOOD GRIEF NO, my day is anything but awesome, or was, soon as dh gets home with the new set of dishes, and i get supper..i think things will be better tho..
  6. Thanks for the luv! You're a doll! Hope you're having an awesome day!!
  7. Thx!!
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