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  1. lol. i am the STUD of this thread. lmao
  2. cool tks for the info. i guess the mc company is screwed up. lol dey dont' know thier heads from dere arse.
  3. btw, i had no problem using the mastercard giftcard on just make sure that you have the box checked so they know your using giftcards, wotevers not covered they put on the mc.

    and it cost me an extra $7 to get the $200 mc. amazon charges an extra $1 which shows up on your mc acct separately to make sure they can authorize it.

    and get this in the terms and conditions. they will charge you 2.50 a month if you still have a balance after 7 months. how the hell they gonna do that? i guess they just start subtracting it from the g/c? and it says if you owe more than whats on the gc they'll bill you.

    wtf? thats screwed up, they don't get your name, address or nothing when u buy one. you don't even have to register it like i did with the visa one. lmao, and u can still get the balance online.
  4. lmao. yea and i will prob be wearing it a LOT. lol
  5. lmao tks same to you
  6. lmao. to kinky for me. hahahahahaha
  7. you dont' hear the sound of knives being sharpened?
  8. lmao. jealously all i hear is jealously. GRIN
  9. i think you and aph need to get a room!
  10. of course i need boobies. lol especially i my mouth. grin.
  11. marning. yer a nut. lol hope u had a good sleep.
  12. sorry, i waited ALL DAY to use that one. pretty bad huh? your safe now, i'm off to bed. have a good night!
  13. lmao.
  14. gum?

  15. lmao. no one expects u to be good for any longer then that. lol
  16. i'll be good.

    for tonight only.
  17. lmao. my daughter isn't into the space stuff like her daddy. lol she says im the nerd. sigh and she is only 9 lol
  18. i did try to put a snide remark on the thread, but either it's my comp or sc but it wouldn't let me, so you got off the hook!

    if your daughter likes space/sciency stuff u should try to find it, the 3d glasses are kewl
  19. lmao. after i typed it i was expecting some sort of snide remark. lol. tks for the info.
  20. WHAT'S NASA?!?!?

    you do know we went to the moon don't ya????

    i honestly don't remember what this freebie was called, just that it came from nasa, but if you do a search for nasa, and maybe weather or dvd/poster in the freebies link you might find it.

    it's a wicked freebie, just took forever to get. (if it's the one i'm thinking of, i don't recall asking nasa for anything else)

    be kewl if they gave us some samples of spacefood!
  21. lmao. my wife says the same thing. someting bout poor her and putting up with me. lmao
  22. you din't do nothing. i am giving you a break. i am honoring that poor woman that puts up with you
  23. i was wondering when u was gonna have a comeback. lol and of course u can't get rid of newfs. we lvoe sex to much and are always reproducing. lmao. wife is doing good. she is 9 weeks now. she dont' get on puter. lol only got her on facebook 2 weeks ago. she never uses puter other then taht . lol she lets me out to play from time to time. lmao. and u r done pickin on me?????????????????? wha i do??????
  24. that's the prob with newfs. ya can't get rid of em.

    they always comeback!

    i'm done picking on you (for now) hows your wife feeling? and how come she don't pop in and say hi? i bet everyone is wondering what kind of a woman lets her man run loose in a thread over run with cougars?
  25. lmao us newfs always got a good come back. grin
  26. seek was wondering what you were gonna say to that! lmao!
  27. i see u found someting to wash yer mouth out iwht. lol
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