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  1. been thinking alot about u lately. can't find u on fb. ? hope everything is okay. how's shaun feeling lately? and the vets? that nephew just keeps getting cuter and cuter. anyway, i won't be around much. got health issues with my dh if you haven't i'll be awol. but drop me a note, id like to keep in touch.
  2. Thanks for the wonderful compliment on my nephews pic The "clue" thing is you said you liked lobster HINT HINT...and I TRIED to act dumb by saying give me a clue! I don't know what you mean!!!
  3. your pic of your newphew is gorgoeous. what clue were u talking about?
  4. I need a clue...I didn't grasp the hint!
  5. Thank you! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours as well
  6. Am doing great Thanks for asking Got to see my brother yesterday for a few hours. I hadn't seen him since August of '07 so I was pretty anxious Christmas was a little blah as Shaun was sick so I couldn't even go visit my grandma at the old folks home but we went to see her yesterday. I stayed in my PJ's all day on Christmas Day. No company, no family, you get to do that
  7. she's probably busy with xmas. she sent me an email not too long ago. i'll flip one off to her and double check how are you doing?
  8. Have you heard anything from SMB? I wonder if she's okay? She hasn't been around in ages
  9. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thanks for the beautiful Christmas wish on my wall
  10. chocolate knocks me right off my keester!
  11. Well, I hope you feel better soon. Just don't go without the "CHOCOLATE" okay?? I'll sending some positive vibes your way. Also sending loads of hugs your way...
  12. I'm fine. just xmas stress. go thru it every year. *sigh* i'm so TIRED OUT. donno why, avoided white bread, pasta, sugar, cheese, and milk. what's left?
  13. Is everything okay my friend??? Haven't seen you around much lately. Hope you are doing okay. Hugsssss!
  14. Thanks for the is awesome too...that is all
  15. I am so sorry about your client's wife. He was very fortunate that you live so close. and your damn dependable. That is so sad tho. they are so up in years, and they sound like such a nice couple.
  16. Hugsssssssss...sorry you had to go through it as well
  17. those hyundai's are awesome on gas. we were tyring to find one. we got a pontiac gm.. but it's about as good on gas as my saturn one. your new car sounds awesome. i have a tomato red one. i love red. vroom vroom.
  18. It's a 2006 Chrysler Seabring Touring fully loaded cranberry red in color. It was an 80 year old man who had it and there's only 58,000 kms on it so it's under warranty till 100,000 kms. We got a very good deal on it It's very comfy I didn't want a brand new car again. I had bought the '99 Hyundai Tiburon SE brand new back in '98 and it depreciates so much when you drive off the lot. This one suits us really good My husband is 6'4" tall so we needed something more comfy for him than the Hyundai Accent we had! I sold that one today! Didn't take me long to get rid of it!
  19. oh the car rep!!! i was looking allover my msgs and profile page trying to think wtf we were talking about! yes, i know what it's like to get a new car..well, a new used one for me. it's exciting and a relief to have something reliable and a way to get around! what a kind of car did you get?
  20. we love ..what? what i do now?
  21. Thanks so much We LOVE it!
  22. Do you still want my life? lol I'll share it
  23. No, am fine Why would you think I'm having a bad day? lol
  24. are you having a bad day??
  25. careful, that games addictive
  26. am trying. if ryan comes home safe, i'll feel so much better.
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