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  1. oh, so it wasn't a laff as a snicker. i knew you knew better!!! :D
  2. wot's the big idea posting that super hot avie of jared? your going to start somekinda sexy dude war you know. and i don't want everyone drooling over gale, he's mine DAMMIT.!
  3. Jared is the good guy in Friday the 13th.
  4. is jared the good guy or the bad guy?
  5. ty for the rep. but if you really want to make me feel better about losing all my pics of gorgeous gale, send me the real deal!!!!
  6. *sigh* i tried chickey, i tried so hard! but jared refused to be stuffed into a box and mailed. guys. go figure.
  7. Thanks for the birthday wishes.
  8. I didn't get Sam or Jared under my tree. I am going to Chicago next year to see Jared, though.
  9. I am such a nerd!

    did you wake up with either jared or sam under your tree?

    neither gale nor brian showed up under mine.

    that fat dude in the red suit owes me big time! i tried so hard to be good this year. what's he expect?? *fume*
  10. Merry Christmas!
  11. My friend made me my avatar. lol
  13. grr..i meant JARED in the rep, not jettred. who mentioned jettred, i got that embedded in my brain, but no clue who he is.
  14. well dosn't look like he minded either!!! unless that's his "she's holding me so tight i can't breathe! " look. LOL!
  15. I held on to Jared pretty tight. My friend mentioned how close I was standing to Jared in my picture. lol! He's such a sweetheart.
  16. ROFL! you have more self control than i could ever muster! but i bet you at least had him in a death like boa constrictor grip eh?
  17. I don't know how I stood beside Jared without ripping his clothes off. LOL! I didn't want to let go once I started to hug him.
  18. somethings been bugging me about your avatar.

    how did you manage to get so close to jared without ripping his clothes off????
  19. thanks rc. i have been googling but as of thurs getting same news from tues. i did find one site (a gay site go figure) that had contacted the publicist and are sending the comments to him after. so i left a get well msg.

    and where to find me :D
  20. thanks racefan. I knew you'd understand. I'm completely obsessed with gale :S
  21. Have a great Thanksgiving.
  22. thanks for the rep chickey. i guess yer *ahem* never too old to chase yer dream!

    see if he knows gale harold...*droooooooooool*
  23. That picture of the cat is so cute. The one you put on my profile page. lol!
  24. I was talking about the Garfield stuffing his face, avatar. lol!
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