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  1. thanks for the yer back lol
  2. Glad the tests out of the way. But uber happy Im finally getting out of this hell hole. Its just the one roomate that I want to kill. Shes so rude and never cleans up after herself. Im moving out tomorrow and the rest of them are moving out next week, Next year Im renint gwith my two roomates now plus a new girl. My roomate right now comes in at all hours of the night drunk. Running outthe door so fast tomorrow LOL
  3. OMG that just sounds NASTY!!! you sound very happy, either to be done with the sociology or getting out of that rathole?
  4. YA GOTTA LEARN!!! zellers sucks the big wazzoooo. i'm going to start taking their flyer to walmart and have them pricematch.

  5. P.S. Nice picture above
  6. Thats good that they are trying to help out. Ive given up on doctors completely. After going to the hospital 4 times in one week for them to tell me I was preg. or that I had a bladder infection but all the tests came back normal. One doctor didnt believe a word I was saying and kept telling me I was lying because my mom was with me. (clearly if I thought I was preg and hiding it I wouldnt bring my mommy with me or offer to pee in a cup). I had ultrasounds and they still said I was preg. My spec tells me to take metamucil (the orange was the best). It could just be slow bowels (which is what I have too). Try avoiding meats ( helps for me). Went to my family doc the other day (for my low iron he told me to come back so he can test it again) he told me its because im preg. I refuse to go to that doc unless its life or death, I would still be sitting around waiting for him. Last year I was in and out of his office at least 2 -3 times a week complaining of abdomen pain and he just shrug it off and said I was home sick and everything I was eating at college.

    I flipped. Went to work and came home half my crap was gone. Ive started stocking up on stuff like dish washer det, laundry , and tp. Half its gone I was fuming. He didnt find my razor stash tho tehhe I have a whole draw full. My brother doesnt just take one he take 50 and never uses them. Since Im working nights now and I sleep like a rock Im going to buy a lock for my door.

    Hope you have a good easter.

    Good luck with the homeschooling. My mom took my brother and I out for a semester. Helped a load - learnt triple what I would have in school.
  7. no, they actually told me to EAT. i asked if i could take a fiber supplement, they said i could, so been taking 6x 4 day of psyllium. finally got relief this am. man those pains were bad! and ya, they aske dif i was pregnant too.

    i had a good laff over that 3 year prego thing. too funny.
  8. someone mess with my freebies i'd kick his ass!
  9. Its def something in the air. She was acussing me of not doing stuff everytime she would question why something was done I would try to explain why it wasnt done or that I did do it and she accused me of lying (oh was I pissed). She wouldnt even put the time into listening to me. Then when I got so pissed I told her Id just do it since I already did it but she was pointing the finger at me she threaten to write me up (hmm not signing it since I already did it). She the manager in tomorrow night so Im confronting her and telling her I dont appreciate being accused of lying infront of all my coworkers and customers as well as her not taking the itme to listen to me she would just walk off. (I was doing them a favour on working all week during my reading week and this is the thanks I get grr). Then she told me she taking me off nights and putting me on days (lmao lets see that Id spend the day in the bathroom). Have 2 more days then back to school (thank god).
  10. little toliet paper guy up there is too funny

    i can't believe you weren't on my friends list. i thought i had everybuddy that was anybuddy. what an oversight! corrected immediately!
  11. I figured it would take a few weeks to receive my card just because everyone is sending out packages and stuff. At least my post office is very slow, but made perfect time. Also took me awhile to figure out which coupons to put in the cards lol
  12. i did not have a clue what to put in the cards, and i remembered about the xchange at almost the last minute..doh. i'm usually not so slack.

    funny how it seems to take longer for stuff to go from the east to west..
  13. Your Welcome! I love it as well so cute and with the little sparkles. Hope you enjoyed the coupons wasnt sure what to put in and since its so close to xmas needed a little surprise.
  14. Ty for the card! oh it's so cuuuuute! i lurv reindeers. and the coupons will come in handy!
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