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  1. hi , how are you doing / I knopw busy with GCs .......................hows life?
  2. sounds like they don't understand the program much themselves. too bad you couldn't get ahold of the woman running the fricking program that sends the gifcards. ann jackson i think her name is.
  3. yes , thats what I thought .I am not sure , they have proper means to check it were , I called because the CSM didnt asked to many questions just said it takes 8-10 weeks .I hope I get it without calling back.sending for my second one today lets see what happens.
  4. 2010 eh? ok, i should be able to get dance revolution or sumthing similar by then! comeone down!
  5. LOL, ok i will except your offer to drop in for a game then!christmas is kinda busy for me hows jan.2010 for you though?
  6. Thanks for the Warm welcome !i have lot to learn from you guys.
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