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  1. LOL. well i might be a rusty nail myself. DS brought home grade 5 work and i had to call the school and ask ..WTF is this??? i had NO CLUE.

    and I took 1 1/2 years of univerisity. you know that show..are you smarter than a 5th grader..yup, we have a canadian version. i don't have to be on it, i know i'm not. lol
  2. Don't know about Canada but suspect they have a set curriculum that will take you step by step through what he needs to learn. My friend homeschools her two and believe me she's sweet but omg not the sharpest tack in the box.
  3. that's one of my fears, it is very frustrating. the other fear is that i won't cover what needs to be covered. oh well, can't back out now.
  4. Such a shame not everyone is cut out to teach i sure wasn't dh had to help the kids with their homework I just didn't have the patience for it. I used to tutor algebra in high school but teaching my own kids was frustrating.
  5. they do provide an education for all kids. but if their program don't work for them, then that's too damn bad for us all ;(
  6. Thank you! lol after winning the $70 couple weeks ago with the puzzle prize and gc had my son take me so I could get a lottery ticket lol didn't win though, told my hubby yesterday after winning the clinique that maybe I ought to buy a lottery ticket weekly for a bit while my luck is still good so he's gonna either get me one to fill out and take it in for me or take me if I feel up to it Saturday. Have a great day
  7. anything like shake and bake u can use, noname or whatever. we don't have mccormacks here i don't think. you can also just add your favorite herbs and seasonings to the shake and bake, be like kfc on drugs
  8. oh chickey i am downloading all the qaf eps. you wont be hearing any laffing, heavy breathing..probably, lafffing, nooooo
  9. lol go for it, have a great time and laugh your ass off. lol they hear that and are either gonna want to know why your laughing or well think your nuts!
  10. smb thinks it's a porn site.

    which reminds me, now that i'm on strike, i can download and watch wot i want..wooooo
  11. Oh very cool page love it!
  12. great thanks will try that. I love the steamer bags P & G sent for the microwave. Did corn on the cob the other day came out so juicy and sweet
  14. lol not sure if he'd take that as a sign of appreciation he'd probably run out and by you depends!
  15. lol feel the same way and have been trying to do some housework all week!!! Did laundry yesterday and today tho, blankets towels and things so we have plenty for the kids. Really would like to get the house clean before they get here even tho my dd says she'll help me get it back in order. I hate a messy house but last few months seems I haven't had much of a choice. DH will vacuum but he tends to stack things in corners rather then put them away, drives me apesh*t
  16. apple core hat? LMAO. wish the ds would behave so he can get on ps. heck with him, i'm going to go see this thing!
  17. i hope the dvd works for you. i downloaded an exercise thingy from here the other day and now i can't find it..

    well, i haven't really looked lol
  18. i just read your rep. omg. u r too funny! i am in bad shape aren't i. lmao.
  19. Will be happy to share my pain with you and burn you a copy lol. Ok really hoping not that much pain except for the acceptable amount all exercise will give ya but will be happy to share that.
  20. Hi lol just wanted you to know the poo I sent was for Ryan not you! hehe figured he'd appreciate that!
  21. Isn't really a syringe lol if you've ever had a yeast infection it's like the thing you use to insert the medicine. put the pill on the end and put in the animals mouth to the back of the mouth and press down on the other end which will send the pill into the animals mouth. Sorry had thought you were having to take your animal to the vet to give them medicne when your dh wasn't home. Anyway it works very well and all you have to do is then close their mouth so they won't spit the pill back out and helps to pet their throat to get them to swallow.
  22. sd, just del anything that's cluttering up your main page
  23. lol thanks for the moose pic. Merry Christmas or kiss moose to you too!
  24. you win it, i would send you like $20 bucks to help with postage your right she needs at least 1 more rocker!

    and as we in canada say:

  25. I think your right on the pneumonia shot mostly but since I have an autoimmune disease they recommend it I think every 5 yrs. Andit with her kidney transplant am sure is on the same schedule. After 50 I think they may recommend another for some depending on their health probably. Know my brother in law had to have another after 50 but by then his health was the pits
  26. lol that occurred to me last night when I was entering the contest for the rocker. Wonder how much that would cost to send to lolcat in Canada if I won it lmao got a bit worried about it but somehow I'd manage or I'd take up a postage collection lol. So want her to have another rocker so both babies have one.
  27. that's why i dont 'mind entering contests for stuff i dont' need, because i sure don't mind sending them out if someone in our thread wants it (and someone usually does! ). lol. longs it's not a huge item that cost too much to ship.
  28. I'm finding that out lol with allure. After almost a year of entering their monthly contests the first 4 days of the month and not winning a blasted thing it's such a shock to finally win and TWO things so far. $24 sunscreen (must be that magic brazilian ingredient that costs so much lmao) they actually used the word magic. The other is John Frieda shine glaze stuff $9.95. Some have won perfume that costs over $120 hoping for something like that to but thrilled with the things I've won so far. I wasn't around part of the month so only entered the first half of the month. I know last year some of the people I know on my other site won 3 or 4 things with the august contests. LOL its weird the first week I entered to win signed copies of books I won two since then not a one but lol still hoping. So far not a thing from she knows tho. I entered hourly for several weeks with a couple things I wanted but didn't win anything so now I just enter every day once and some days not at all. Still hoping tho. Am sure someone will want the Lost season if you don't and it doesn't bother me entering to win things that I don't really want cuz I know I can find someone on here who would.
  29. not the she knows entry was interesting. the fact that it tells you what your odds are of winning now. lmao! i just enter all of them when i have time. it's nice to win *something*
  30. I think you asked me about the base (of lighthouse am guessing) and forgot to answer. It is all made of wood. Rounded front flat back so you can hang it on a wall. Cat walk at the top where the light would be.
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