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  1. Thanks for returning my message, good night my friend.
  2. yeah.... the best things i did was i ignored her because i don't want to go down to her level... thanks vivian for the message... i really appreciate that... take care and regards to your family.... God bless...
  3. I'm sorry to hear that you're having problems with other members, these types of people are everywhere in the world unfortunatley, some of them can get violent when people don't listen to them, that tells me that this person has either an emotional issue or mental illness; on a sweeter note, i hope you had a great birthday my friend.
  4. thank you so much vivian for the birthday greetings... am very happy to get this message.... sorry for a little bit late reply.... i won't be online more often because i was so upset that some new members here are very vocal and wants to tell the world that they are clean... i hope someday they will realize what they are doing... i hope also that they will meet people who is more vocal than them... again, thank you very much and regards to the whole family....
  5. Stopping by to wish you a very Happy Birthday, hope it's the best one of your life.

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