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  1. sounds like a plan pac, will hear from ya later.
  2. Thanks for letting me know about the exchange. Don't have time to fill out the details right now so i'll PM you the info later. Have a happy St. Patrick's day
  3. Happy Valentine's day
  4. Lol, yep that's one and he's a guineapig, lol. Ya, will have to check and see if I can find this item, and show it to ya. HOpe you have a great weekend, Moe.
  5. I have no idea what you could have possibly seen Though funny you metion thinking of me because just the other day I was cleaning out stuff and found an old Block Buster gift card with the rabbit/hamster and thought of your avatar lol
  6. I saw something the other day, and automatically thought of you. Bet you can't guess what it was, lol.
  7. Thank you for the rep and joing in pac. Have a great weekend, Moe.
  8. Hi ya pac, thank you for the rep boost, hope you have a great Thursday, Moe.
  9. HI ya pac, thank you for the rep boost, happy monday, Moe.
  10. Hi ya pac, thank you for the rep boost, have a great day, Moe.
  11. HI ya pac, thanks for the rep boost, have a good one, Moe
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