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  1. Long time no talk to you too! I didn't get the flyers last week-due to the blizzard so no insert. If that is when it came?
  2. Hey long time no see! You wouldn't happen to have that Whiskas B5G5 coupon from the Mars insert would you? Let me know - thanks
  3. no problemo! put the vh steamers in there today too.
  4. will be there for sure tonight, got distracted at coyote's house until passed midnight
  5. totally forgot the pediasure ones! ya totally!! k, will get it organized tmw.
  6. would love them! - as well if you still have the $3 pediasure coupons would love some of those too
  7. got a few from a sample table thing at safeway on saturday. Do you want them? I probably won't buy them.
  8. sorry???
    we have season tickets too but share with 5 other ppl. with the shortened season we only get 3 prs this season. DH is taking his dad to one for his bday, his buddy (flyers) and me to the leafs...he got in from a guy at work who had moose tickets, super lucky
  9. to the Flyers game, wendy has tickets too but shares with another family and they choose those ones

    He MUST take photos!!!!
  10. Also I have no computer right now, boohoo but I have 10 icons pins and a bunch of err codes. Do u have any old Dutch? If not I will post in local. Dh ate almost 18 bags!!!! Sheesh
  11. Thank u! Hope u guys have an spooktacular trick or treating tonight. Come to my house for iced tea or Cadbury chocolate bars!!!
  12. boohoo to that! well, maybe someone else will post. DH ONLY eat the thai one.
  13. I tried to copy and paste the bday pic you sent me but it didn't work, so hopefully just a happy birthday will suffice. I hope you have a fantastic birthday with your boys today.
  14. your kids don't eat bread??? wow, my 4 year old could live on it!
  15. you are too funny. Happy Mother's Day, as I don't how to do all that fancy stuff


  17. you are so awesome about Cdn tire. I never go there ever. I went once and they wouldn't take my coupon cause the item was on sale! so dumb. Anyhow, next time I am going to try it. I am planning on doing the $250 at RCSS tmw and get the $25GC but bring my OOP to $125 (if I can).
  18. ya, found them at safeway today.. why would they put expired coupons out? I didn't even think they would be expired... oh well.
  19. Very welcome - you found that at Safeway didn't you lol - finally found the oliveri garlic bread at the one by your place and saw those coupons - was very very sad too
  20. thanks for letting me know about the sizzling salads...boohoo to expired!
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