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  1. Aw Julie, you really are there for me, no matter how long it is or whatever I need. I saw the sale at Food Basics and would be delighted with 2 or 3 bags of the frozen fruit. I have a couple of the wagjag codes, and every so often you have good things go for 10 dollars or under, like a Febreeze package and a P&G Sampler pack. Would you be okay with those? I really appreciate you sending me over a message and thinking of me.
    Wishing all the best to your husband, you and your family,
  2. How u been... I got your last message. Gave me a giggle.. Sorry you kept loosing it and had to re-write it... I saw you are looking for some europes best fruit .. I have xtra. How many ou looking for ?? Lmk .. Ur friend , julie
  3. Julie! I am so stupid and such an idiot. I wrote a LONG reply about what was going on in my life, why I was so busy lately, how your message made my day and I was surprised you even remembered me considering how rarely I come around now, how tough it is to do the weekly shopping but I still manage to do it for the family, even though its hard to manage coupons and all that, plus my Freshco beside me is getting ridiculously strict and has a whole bunch of new rules with price matching.

    Well stupid me, when I replied to your message saw a "Re". I thought it was reply but instead it was report. So I reported your visitor message with a huge reply to you and now i lost it lol. I even messaged the admin to try and send it back to me so I wouldnt have to retype it.

    Most importantly, I asked how you were doing and even more importantly, how your husband was doing, considering he was struggling a little with his health. Hope you and the family are doing great.

  4. Hi, how you been.... Havent heard from you for a while... Hope school is going good... Have a wonderful summer...
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