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  1. You're most welcome! I especially loved your part about donations. That seems to be a big 'problem' in my area. When people go in and get 60 Dove shampoos for the GST at one shot and brag about it, it is like nails on a chalk board to me. I have no doubt that these individuals are donating them (they make a big fuss about how generous they are for virtual pats on the back) - but like you said, there are other and BETTER ways to go about it.

    I wish more people used intergity, logic and reason when it came to stacking and couponing in general. And your post summed it up the best way I've ever seen it!

    Happy New Year to you too and I'm happy there are great people like you on this board!
  2. Thank you so much for such a kind rep posting. I appreciate that others see (understand) where I'm trying to come from with my posts. Even a little kindness, consideration, integrity and respect would go such a long way.

    And if all of these attributes existed in all of us, we'd still be using coupons with just the one liner directions that they used to give us years ago because manufacturers would realize they're dealing with mature people.

    Sadly, reality is not that nice though.

    I am only a consumer with my coupon, but I so feel for the business aspect ie manufacturer, cashier, customer service, etc as one of my traits has always been to put myself in another person's shoes and then try to realize how I owuld be affected and/or would feel.

    Again, thank you and I hope you have a great 2012. I've seen you on here before and I know I will see in the future. Take care !!!
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