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  1. sorry not me
  2. i am not sure if u r the same popasmurf,but if u r u must own a tom tom 2nd edition gps.HELP PLEASE.
  3. bummer nice to read no 1 was hurt, hes pretty excited about its really nice,i think i''ll take it 4 a spin myself c what all the fuss is albout over a harley,i'm trying 2 talk my wife into looking at the spiders myself , she as a bike herself but she has a few medical problems and shes finding it hard to go on any kind of long rides,looking forward to the ride 4 sight this year its like 30 mins from me .we both go out 2 it.anyway type @ u later,hav a good day
  4. Thank u for the rep,nice to c u back for a visit.your brother will enjoy his bike my x just buy one 3 months ago n some one already took his mirror off lane change to injurious."just incase u did not know the contest is on for one more week" yeah
  5. maybe, now that the bikes r good to go will b busy riding
  6. I ride a harley n i love it, i have for years.i own a 1979 camaro i love to drive that to.i am hoping to get called for the cash grab so i can get a newer paint job on does not need it.i just wanted the change.
  7. sure do its a 99 roadstar,sorry not into harleys
  8. thanks for the welcome.just wondering do u ride a bike.
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