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  1. I am fine as is my family... thank goodness! Work has been crazy, and often I do not log on until the evenng... I am really happy that all is well. You hear stories about some people in the new and it makes me wonder about others I know....
  2. doing just fine thanks what about you?

  3. How the hang are you my friend! I am delighted to hear from you! I hope you and yours are doing well... xoxoxoxoxox
  4. Happy Halloween! Hope you enjoyed it!
  5. I haven't seen you for a bit and I suspect you are busy. Have an excellent Thanksgiving!
  6. It is always nice to hear from you. Do you not have your own laptop? prices have come down so much that it is worth it to have your own.
    We are on vacation in Nova Scotia. We return next Sunday afternoon. It is beautiful here and the weather is too. Fresh seafood is incredible and we'll be travelling throughout the province. It is my and my daughter's 1st time here. I needed the vacation as it has been an incredibly challenging year.
    Take good care of yourself and we will be in touch soon!..xoxoxox
  7. hey girl how r u ?
    summer has been good so far, not on here much anymore everytime i get on here its the same old thing somebody doing that and so on, just a lot of b s, anyway type @u later time to start work, nice to see your picture back it made my day.
  8. It is so good to hear from you! Thanks for repping me... How have you been? How has the summer been treating you?
  9. How are you doing? It's certainly has ben a little while.
    No it was not me. I am not Maureen. I would identify myself for sure and let you know ion a pm if I had...I hope all is well with you!
  10. hey there
    did u send a email to my hotmail address ? got 1 from a person named maureen, not sure if someone is trying to pull a scam or not.
  11. I am glad to hear from you, and see you on here too every once and a while!
    Not as much crap in here since a certain party has stayed away. I do not listen to Q much as it distracts me when I am working, yet I still want to win stuff... am still waiting my 1st win! I contribute to the ww and other posts.... Do you have satellite radio? I like it in the car as I do not lose the station! Anytime you write I promise I will respond! Until next time! xoxoxoxox
  12. hey girl,whats up, yes i''m still around have been busy doing flooring what a job, don't get on here much not really my thing anymore its the same old people yaking about the same old crap,has far as the Q stuff goes lost interest in that 2,i found 97.3 the boom a really cool sta so i listen 2 it most of the time now it plays more of the stuff i was into got tired of listening to the same old stuff on Q,seeing that i listen to the radio 9 or 10hrs it gets pretty boring ,anyway hope all is well with you,i'll keep in touch when i get on here. take care.
  13. How the hang are you my dear friend? I was going to write and see if you were still on our planet... I figured you have very busy with work! I am happy to see you around once again! Thank you for repping me don't be a stranger!
  14. How are you? thank you for repping me this am. Just logged on to get the words. busy day today!!! If I can I will rep you too! I'll see you later!
  15. Thank you for the reps you gave me my dear friend! I have been very busy and no time for much around here. I will see you later!
  16. Cheers back at you my friend! To a wonderful weekend no matter what you do!
  17. Easter was terrific! Was in Montreal visiting my mom and other family and also had a chance to spend time with my friends I haven't seen in months! Beautiful weather and amazingly, no traffic there or back! That was a first for a long weekend!
  18. Thank you for the rep you left me! Can you believe the weekend is almost upon us?
  19. yes it was very good thanks,got the bike out went for a tour out to port perry,had my fill of turkey etc,etc,etc,. u?
  20. Thank you for my special rep yesterday! I am behind with my reps.... and will get them done soon!
    Did you have a good Easter?
  21. Well hello once again young man! I am honoured! 2 reps within an hour or so!
    I am not in rep jail, but I am limited to whom I can rep...I will get you when I can!
  22. Thank you kindly for my special rep! How the hang are you?
    Years ago when I was on a cruise I couldn't walk straight for a few days after I got home. the weather and water was so rough even the crew got sick!
  23. I am happy to hear that! Where did you go to, and what boat??? I know Kenrod just booked a cruise in April. He was so excited he wrote me right away...
    As long as you are well and happy, I am happy!
    I will see you after!
  24. thanks everything is great just got back from a cruise
  25. Thank you for Thursday's rep my friend! I fell behind for the first time, in thanking people for their reps... for me late is better than never in this case!
    Hope your Saturday is everything you want and more!
  26. Thank you guy friend for the rep! I do hope you hare happy and enjoying the great weather! Happy St Patty's day in advance!
  27. I agree! They tried to sell me another new one in black with cloth seats... and different options. Before that they had a used one from 2006, loaded I was told. I told them I want liquid silver with black leather interior... I bough it new andit has all the options I wanted and a few I would not have chosen... In the end, I negotiated a phenomenal deal which gave me 7 years bumper to bumper , and 4 additional years bumper to bumper on my other vehicle, on which the extended warranty had run out (I never bought it initially)- Normally if your initial extended warranty runs out you will not get 4 more years bumper to bumper. and any warranty you add to an expired one, will cost almost too much to make it worth your while! All in all it was an incredible deal that I know couldn't be duplicated again!
  28. very nice ,your welcome
  29. Thank you for the rep! Yes it is mine! I always wanted one, though my first car was a Camaro with a small 305 V8. I wanted a 2 seater! This winter has allowed me to use it periodically! I love it!
  30. Yippie!!!! I am late in thanking you for your rep yesterday bit I did myn repping and got myself back in rep jail... lol
    Hope you enjoying the puddles today!
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