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  1. Yes we have a cat. She is 15 yrs old so i can only feed her certain things. She gets dry Iams, and wet meow mix or Whiskas. I bought the others to see how they affect her, and try and give her some variety, so we'll see what happens.
  2. I noticed from your brag today that you have a cat (or you like to buy cat food ) Is there any type of food etc that you particularly want coupons for? I don't have a cat and the Humane Society here won't accept food donations, so I generally just throw the cat food ones away. But if you want them, I will save them up for you.
  3. No Tropicana MIR at North RCSS but I am not surprised since they are probably still moving things around for the renos. I looked by the oatmeal, the frozen juice and the refrigerated juice. BTW, I got my dog treats with no problems. Thanks for the tip about going to the north store instead of the east stoee!
  4. no Ive never used the self check outs. I havent been there in over a week so not sure if they have the forms yet. If they do could you either let me know or pick up a few for me? please and thank you
  5. Do you usually go through the self-checkout at the Rochdale RCSS when you are stacking? I am going to go tonight and get the Natural Defense dog treats, but I am not sure what is the best way to do it?
    Also, have you seen the new Tropicana MIR forms there?
  6. St. Ives just says "Selected varieties".
  7. Just wanted to stop in and say hi Another local for me to talk to! Feel free to contact me at anytime if you have any questions or concerns. I noticed you joined one of Giving Small groups. Thats a great place to start. She is a great Scer from up in S'toon that i have had the pleasure of being friends with for a while now.
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