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  1. Hey QC, just popping in, glad to hear all is well, hope to chat soon, Moe.
  2. Hey QC, where the heck are ya?
  3. HI QC, popping in to say Hello and hope all is well. Take care Moe.
  4. Hi QC, hope all is well, take care, Moe.
  5. Hi Qc, have a Happy Easter Weekend, Moe.
  6. Glad to hear all is well, ya thank goodness spring has sprung, talk later, Moe.
  7. Hi QC, hope all is well, everything going fine in my neck of the woods, gab later, Moe.
  8. Happy Valentine's Day Qc, take care, Moe.
  9. Hi Qc, don't see ya around much, must still be busy with reno's, give me a shout sometime, Moe.
  10. Hey there, hope the holidays went well, talk later, Moe
  11. Hi QC, stopping in to check in, hope you and your family have Happy Holidays, and a Wonderful New Year, Moe.
  12. Hi QC just thought I would stop on in and say hi, know your busy so hope all is going well, take care, Moe.
  13. Not a prob, was just stopping in to say hello, sounds like you've been really busy. Renovations can drive anyone insane, They do me. Take care of yourself and hopefully you might get a chance to come in and chat some more. Have a good nite, Moe.
  14. Sorry about that I have not been on the net for a while.
    I have been busy in renovations, studies, parties etc... so here I am finally.
    How are you doing?
  15. Hi there, haven't seen ya around much, thought I would drop you a note, Moe
  16. Good Morning, wishing you a great and fun weekend, Moe!
  17. Sorry I was not there but my Hubby was! He was working harder than I was at work too! Poor thing. Well, take care and catch you later!
  18. Hey there, how are you today? Had the day off work so thought I would see if you were around. Catch ya later, Moe
  19. I am doing great! Bah..housework? That's OK. I have to get ready for a corn roast this week-end that a friend is supposed to be organizing, but I ended up doing it! I made the mistake to suggest that we make it at my place...Duh! So the housework HAS to be done by Friday! no choice! Oh well, I'll learn! have a great day and take care!
  20. Morning, thow are ya doing today? Trust me, not too busy, besides, I just let the housework pile up. Have a great day, Moe
  21. Thank you for your help LittleMoe! I appreciate it! I ahve so much to learn on this site and I have been an infographist for 15 thing though. My avatar is not animated and it is supposed to be. Do you see a reason why is that?
  22. Good Morning, just thought I would say hello. If I can help in any way, just let me know, I have to admit, not the greatest on the computer, but have started finding my way around the site. Some of the questions you may have might be able to be answered on the forum page, but if not just ask, someone on here will find an answer for you. Take care, and have a great day, Moe
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