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  1. hi, i didnt recd ur email? now you can sent me private message... by mistake i blocked all of them yesterday.. now its fixed
  2. thanks
  3. Hello Rachna, I sent the invitation to your email. Hope you have fun exploring lot of things there!!!

    Have a nice day!!!!
  4. ok, my email is [email protected]
    funny, the same thing happened to me when i try to send you message... may be i did domething wrong, i am new here so dont know many things
  5. Hello Rachna!

    I tried to pm you but it said you chose not to receive PM so I answer here if you don't mind. It's a site where you can play game, answer questions for points and you get redemption like, tshirt, Wii game, Mac Book (yes, the Apple Macbook), etc. It's really fun there!!!

    Send me your email adress and I will happily send the invitation to you!!!


    PS: The Baby is so cute!!!! How old is here now?
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