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  1. Hey not me. I was the one surprised i was getting points that i did not expect i should have ;-) Did have a problem today not getting points that i shoyld have, but called up and they agreed to fix it.
  2. Hi reallySC!

    I believe it was you who posted a few days earlier that you got 4000 pts instead of 16000 pts because sdm system applied your 2 big coupons in your transaction. Right?

    So what happened? Did you call them? Did you get 16000 pts back?
    I hope you called them and talked to them. They know that their system is creating problems and a lot of sdm reps on the phone are very considerate about it.
  3. Going to a Sephora store is like a kid in a candy shop! I usually ask the ladies for a sample of some of the more pricey items so I can try them out. I've heard Sephora has a pretty good return policy so no harm in asking. I remember getting a Dior 5-colour shadow at SDM during one of the redemption events. Have used it before and loved it, but decided this time to try a different colour palette. Used it that night and the next morning my eyes were a swollen mess. Finally helped me figure out I'm allergic to the ingredient they use in purple shadows. SDM look it back right away (used) and gave me a different colour selection. Didn't think they would because it was used but no problem at all
  4. And you know what??? I have NEVER been to sephora. I have been to their website only. Lol. Too bad we don't have any sephora on Vancouver Island (and it's good for my hubby's pocket too. Lol).
    I am planning to go to sephora in Vancouver in less than two months. Fingers crossed!
    Actually i am thinking about returning my naked 3 palette. I bought it at the end of December 2014. It's been only 4 months now and i don't think the colour look as flattering on my eyes as my other eye shadows look. I still have my receipt. Do you know if they will still allow me to return it? It's barely used.
  5. Thanks I was pretty excited when I got the email saying I had won 1 of the prizes (and of course I heard about the contest through SC). It's a beautiful set so I'll let you know about the pigmentation. I have the naked palette which I still love but not very convenient for traveling or putting in your purse so this one is perfect. Laughing at your sephora comment ... I was in NYC years ago and I swear everywhere I turned there was a Sephora. I drove my family crazy as I wanted to check everyone of them out (this was before Sephora was in Canada).
  6. O M G! Thanks for letting me know about that thread. I Guess i visited this thread so long ago last time that now I didn't enen know it existed. Lol. But i loved your make up! And it was a prize from Lancome ? Double congrats to you!
    you know i visit a lot and my eyes were really stuck on this palette(and a few others from other brands), but i have always wanted to own something from lancome and clinique. The only reason for not buying this palette was that i already have a nude palette and a lot of brown shades in my other palettes.
    but let me know how is the pigmentation of these eye shadows. I guess i will come up with a reason to buy this one too. Lol.

    enjoy your beautiful freebies!
  7. Thanks for the rep! I'm still trying to figure out all the extra things in the forum that you can do to acknowledge fellow SC'ers. P.S. you might like my post over in "Freebies received today"...if I recall from some of your posts, you love makeup ;-)
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