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  1. Hey you, is everything alright ?? We miss you !!! Hope u come back soon.
    Have a great long w/end; Happy Thanksgiving
  2. Haven't seen u in awhile, I hope everything's alright.
    Hurry back, ur missed
  3. thanks, u 2
  4. welcome back, crazy busy last few weeks, off site work next two days, take care,
  5. Hi there; hope u had a great w/end, & are able 2 get out & enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.
  6. Yeh, I know the feeling; it's always nice 2 be home, but when a vacation is over - downer. Anyhow, have a great day. Week's almost 1/2 over.
  7. Cheers on the Rep. Good to be back, I think?
  8. thx, sure feels like it, or Seattle; have a good one
  9. Hey, thanks for the Tues rep!! Glad your back!
    Are we living in Vancouver?
  10. don't worry, rain is just a part of spring; besides, as long as we don't have to shovel it
  11. thanks for the rep, week's almost over! where the heck did the sun go?
  12. Thanks for the rep!
  13. sorry ur week has been crappy so far !! hope it improves
  14. No worries, I am having a crappy start to the week so Wednesday, Thursday and Friday can't come too soon!
  15. no problem; have 2 rep soooo many before u can repeat
  16. Thanks for the rep ! I can't seem to share as the thread says to share ?
  17. Thx for the F_day rep, no joy in mudville, our company claims they already give too many stat days so we work. Oh well, quiet drive in !!
  18. Thanks for the rep! have a great weekend!
  19. thx; hope u enjoy the long w/end
  20. Cheers for the rep! Have a Gr8 friday!
  21. right back @ u; good luck
  22. thx a bunch !
  23. thx; well we both got our chosen team - worried there 4 awhile in the 3rd quarter & mid 4th - whew
  24. Thanks for the rep the other day,

    Hope you found Roger's ok. hv a nice weekend!
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