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  1. Thx for the rep Donna, didn't even notice it till now lol and ya, sad face beside the like button could be interesting
  2. Thats a long time lol, last time it went away in like a week for me, oh well
  3. Thanks
  4. I know what you mean, I barely get anything from trusted surveys, always "quotas are already met" lately though I've been making a nice amount from pl
  5. Thanks, I haven't had much luck with surveys lately , especially PL
  6. Hi Donna, i believe it was the one I did for mobile theft. Took me less than 5 min easy 60sb, just checked pl again and did another quick survey lol
  7. Welcome
  8. You are welcome ....have a fantastic day )
  9. Thanks for the wishes
  10. Hi Donna, thanks for the rep
  11. Thanks for the rep
  12. Lol!! we are not noobs any more ;p
  13. Just checked, I got paid too lol, I panicked for nothing
  14. U R welcome , chkd, the money is there , from the Swag Store .....nice that its automatic :D
  15. Thanks for the Alert
  16. Ya I'm around, just don't post much anymore
  17. Hey, how are you, don't see you around as much these days .....busy
  18. Hi Donna, thx for the reps
  19. Appreciate the rep will rep you soon as I can
  20. Thanks for the reps
  21. Thx for the code alert
  22. Happy new year to you too!
  23. Thanks for the rep!
  24. Thanks for the rep donna, and have great weekend
  25. Thanks !! Hope your weekend will be fantastic
  26. Thanks for the reps and have a good weekend!
  27. Have a great long thanksgiving weekend!
  28. Thanks for the rep!
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