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  1. Happy Timbit week my friend, may all the tbits be fresh and covered with the right amount of glaze
  2. When I divide 23949 by 3, the result is 7983. If you are playing the Starbucks for Life contest, the STQ answer is 1000.
  3. I am your 23,949th visitor! What do I get??
  4. Superman would be an outsider-not sure he's got the humans figured out though he looks like one! Interesting photo!
  5. These humans are corrupt I tell ya ! There is only one person that can settle this....
  6. Sidewalk dodgers rep for you! Tonight, traffic's been light. Friday night though-saw a young man with a younger drive an ATV on the other sidewalk along the main drag, a skateboarder in a lane of traffic in big box land and cyclist with a headlight on a sidewalk. Think it a night after a full moon...
  7. Those stroller pushers feel that they have the right of way every day...but then again, I feel that the majority feel that way too. I sometimes feel that it is pointless to exercise my manners anymore, why show these morons manners? Won't it just feed into their entitled attitudes? ... But I read somewhere that the best way to handle stupid people, is to ignore them... if people are so stupid that they can't even respect your personal space, they are probably capable of putting your life in danger over a foot of space.
  8. Since a new coffee shop came to town, more entitled stroller parents and cyclists seemed keen to wheel over me. And some but not all dog owners likewise risk me tripping over their extended pet leads. I cannot afford to fall and to get hurt because being at home with a broken anything would be some additional h*** I would not endure.
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