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  1. Thank you for the rep, and Happy Dork Day to you. Have a great one, Moe.
  2. I do agree Sandie, but your post was very touching, and thank you for that.
  3. Thank you..... but I am only the one who wrote the words. I honestly beleive that everyone here feels the compassion
  4. Sandie, your post to curt was so moving, and touched me very deeply. Thank you for sharing your story for him and others that are going thru rough times in there lives. All I can say is what a strong and wonderful woman you are, and truly hope your heart gets everything it wants and needs for the rest of your life. Thanks again sandie, Moe.
  5. Gotta say, I love your headlines, there always fun to read.
  6. Awe, thank you for the kind message you left on my home page, that was so very sweet.
  7. If your reading this message, then rest assured you are on the page of a very generous, and helpful member of SC.
  8. Hi Sandie, no problem. A conductor will host a train and have members jump on for the ride. It will be filled with a bunch of different coupons, and some rules. Some do not want coupons or dash for kids because the cash for kids, folks cannot use in the West. Sometimes they will ask for a boarding pass, maybe a stamp or a certain coupon for all there efforts caus sometimes they might get back a bunch of coupons that are no good to them. When the train gets to you, you take out the coupons you want and replace with others, atleast the same amount, but usually you put in more. Many times a conductor dosen't want more than 2 of the same coupon, so if you have limited coupons, you may want to build up your stash before hoppin on one. I just sent out my 2nd new member train, if you would like, will set you a seat on my next one, and only go with a few riders so it won't take long. If you need any more help, please just give a shout. Hope this info helps, take care, Moe.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to offer help. It's great when your new and everyone is honestly honest and helpful to boot. I actually would like some help. Can you please explain how the train system works. I'm afraid to join one because I don't know if I can deliver all the coupons that are required based on what I have and don't want to let anyone down.
    Thanks a bunch
  10. Noticed you were checking things out, if you need any help at all, give me a shout, moe.
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