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  1. Hi,

    don't worry we can work it out somehow. do you have a list posted of the coupons you do have? I can try to pick from there? I don't really need the ones you have mentioned but if you have any other food or beauty or cleaning you may have extras of, let me know?
  2. i believe were on the same train.... (Cherie's Newbie train #6 w/bonus)???

    unfortunately i only have one exact coupon on your wishlist (despite your awesome long list.)
    i have lots of CTM... could send you $1.50 for 2 coupons i am missing,
    or i do have a PRINTED coupon for $1 off of snuggle, but id DOES EXCLUDE 20 count, or i also have oasis juice coupons, $0.75 off of a bottle (not refrigerated).... if you would like 1 or both of those coupons i will send them. or the CTM. or if there is anything else your looking for, let me know. hope we can work something out.
    hope to hear back from you tomorrow, so i can send out the coupons asap.
    thanks for your cooperation! )
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