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  1. Not sure if it's as clear as you remember as I've only been here about a year, but it's def as cold as you remember....brrrrr lol
  2. I lived there in the mid-70' I said, many MANY years ago. Our family left when I was 7 and my father was posted to Vancouver. I still have many fond memories of growing up in Cold Lake. It really was an idyllic setting...the woods were my playground, the streets were always safe and there was a great sense of community. It was always a treat to visit the beach. I wonder if the water is still as crystal clear as I remember...?
  3. I haven't lived here for long but I'm really enjoying it. My husband and I moved from Fort McMurray to take jobs on the base and the slower pace is so refreshing. And I loooove that I can go camping and still be within walking distance of my very own shower

    Were you posted here?
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