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  1. You are so right about pantry space. I dont have a big stockpile space and i dont have as big stockpile as you seem to have according to your msg, but it feels so good to use these things from our stockpile knowing that we bought them on dirt cheap prices as compared to others who pay full price for these things.
    I think i'll go to my sdm and redeem 38k pts for more softsoap. Lol. Thanks for the tip about foaming softsoap. I use softsoap big bottles to use in my lysol refill bottles (to be used in my lysol hands free system.). Who pays $3.99 for a laysol refill bottle when we can buy a big softsoap bottle for free and we can use it in lysol system.
  2. Well ther is only 2 of us and dh doesn't really like it that much so he uses other stuff but I love the foaming hand soap. I think I only bought about 12 or 14 of them. Still have a couple left from last time. Plus if you run out its is super easy to make your own foaming hand soap. Clean out container, add a couple of tablespoons of any liquid soap and fill the rest with bottled water. Plus I have 75 bars of soap so I had to sneak this purchase down to the basement before dh sees it! Totally out of pantry space! dh will have to start building more. 22 rolls of toilet paper and 22 rolls of paper towel take up a lot of space! lol but it feel better knowing that I have lots! Thanks for tip about the soft soap. I totally missed it.
  3. I know, all is right with my world! Enjoy your weekend!
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