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  1. Hope you have an awesome day as well!
  2. Same to you! And what a gorgeous day it is
  3. Thanks for the rep. I hope you have a great day
  4. Thanks for the Christmas wishes! Same to you and your family.
  5. Hi Scouponer! I wish you and your family a Merry XMas fill with love and good memories. Take good care and have lots of fun...................................
  6. Thank you happy hump day to you as well. Hump day always reminds me of the Geico hump day commercial with the camel. Makes me smile.
  7. Thank you. Same to you. Supposed to be a beautiful day!
  8. Have a lovely week as well! An a great thanksgiving!
  9. Happy hump day to you as well!
  10. thank you! I wish you a wonderful day as well!
  11. Well let's wait until after the jean court case in Alberta if it is struck down like in BC then I think we should do a petition. The difference out west is that they had sobeys spear heading a court case, but there is no chatter in Ontario that I can see. I read a legal argument for Manitoba that basically says that the pharmacy associations don't really have the right to put a ban on and if challenged to Supreme Court wouldn't hold up so that is positive, but we need to find a company to pear head for a legal battle...I know I can't afford but if we had a petition (I am sure a lot of sc'ers would sign) maybe sdm would take up the battle. The pharm associations reasons are lame and haven't been shown to be the case. I think what the real reason is is that there are a lot of pharmacies that don't have access to incentives like airmailes and optimum points etc. . Anyways I'll wait until after Alberta court case and see what happens to see if it is worth the effort.
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