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  1. Hello there! had a great weekend hope you did as well!! Happy belated Thanksgiving to you also take care!!
  2. Glad you got your Tylenol.(lol). Thank you for the REP dear friend, and Happy belated Thansgiving. Hope you had a lovely weekend and have an awesome week as well. (bundle-up).it's getting cooler out there.
  3. Cheers to you dear SC Friend!! Thank you so very much for your kind words once more & Have a wonderful weekend
  4. Oh dear sdddmd! You are the one that is kind, always such a sharing soul and giving to us so many opportunities to save and I wanted you to know how much your kind heart impacts our lives even though it might not always come accross. I sincerely appreciate your participation and friendship on SC and you truly are awesome. Have a beautiful weekend and thank you for the REP as well, see still giving!!
  5. Oh you are welcome, it is true, you are also so sweet in sharing your experiences and leads/brags and I so thank you for taing the time to do it, we learn so much and always know what you are talking about when replying. You are such a good teacher and must bethe best mommy. Thank you for the REP dear and have a fabulous week and stay snuggly.
  6. Thank you for your lovely message I'm glad if I've helped out in any way....that's what we're all here for right? THANK YOU for always being so kind and helping to this forum and and the SC family It's so nice to have such kind people on here!! We all learn so much from each other and that's just amazing!!
  7. No you are so kind in always sharing your knowledge and for that I am always so thankful. You really are so good at this and I learn so much when I read your posts. So a gazillion thank yous again for sharing every time you do. oh and Thank you for the REP as well. have a lovely weekend.
  8. Well done!!! and thank you so much for the rep and have a fabulous week!! Niceto hear from you!
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