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  1. I hope yours is a fantastic day...
  2. thank sharkie for all the nice reps you give me-have a super great day
  3. happy shopping... I hope you get some great deals...
  4. hey sharkie have a wonderfull day -i am going out to price match some food
  5. thanks for the rep sharkie-have a good week
  6. []
  7. the same to you....
  8. thanks for the rep girl-have a good night
  9. enjoy your barbeque
  10. hey sharkie have a super duper day -i am going to a bbq-hopefully its nice and sunny in hamilton-thank you for all the nice comments and reps
  11. sharkie thank for always being so kind and all the reps you give me -have a wonderfull day
  12. thanks and the samew to you to...hopefully you are staying cool
  13. thanks for the rep sharkie -you have a great day
  14. thanks for the rep sharkie -my mom loves betty boop and she is 90
  15. []
  16. enjoy your day off..
  17. thanks sharkie -i am off work today so i will have a great day
  18. the same to you to..
  19. thanksa for the rep sharkie -have a great evening
  20. you have a great day to
  21. thank you for all the reps you give me -have a great day
  22. Have a wonderful weekend
  23. thank you for the nice rep
  24. your welcome and have a nice day
  25. thank you for the nice rep
  26. you are welcome...enjoy
  27. thank you for the nice dog coupons and the few extras you put in-much appreciated
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