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  1. I didn't amke it though the day Tuesday, I left work a 10 am. LOL

    Now I am back and sooooo don't want to be here. The only good thing is I get the computer to myself at work, the bad thing is I can't get on Facebook. LOL.

    I have the next 3 weeks to myself at home, the kids are with the father. Woo Hoo the computer is all mine, well unless the DD's friend comes over.

    Now all I have to do is get though the next 3 weeks and then I can go for my 5 weeks. I can't wait. I sure hope the weather gets better!
  2. I saw they had 4 lists going so after the Box office lady looked i asked if she minded if i took a peak. She had no problem with it and i just checked for her first name and couldn't find disappointing!
    Anyway, at least we got in.DD has sent off an email just to say what happened - hopefully she'll get an apology!
    The music WAS loud...thought it was just because i'm an oldy,lol!..and luckily my kids have never wanted to give their teachers pressies - a card maybe but never more than that...thank goodness!!

    Ok Well glad your dd had a good time - hopefully this is just the first of many free concerts for our girls,lol
  3. Got home around the same time, snacked and fell into bed after having taken a few aspirin...i forgot the earplugs!!!
    DD enjoyed it so that was great but thing is , when we went to get her tickets her name wasn't on any of their lists!!??
    The girls were really nice and gave her tickets anyway but i was with her when she did her confirmation email and so was really disappointed that there had been a glitch - looks like i may have to write an email and complain,lol case you didn't know, girls of a certain age "LOVE" absolutely anyone who pops onto the stage and are quite happy to tell eeveryone about it!!!So funny!

    And, I think my hearing has gone! Hopefully my ears will recover and my true hearing will return shortly!
    But apart from that i can say i survived a girly concert quite well - though i'll wait awhile before i volunteer for another!

    Enjoy your day too.
  4. OMG I am tired today!

    So how did you like the concert? The girls loved it, they talked all the way home about it. The DD didn't realize it was the Soda Pop concert she had won tickets to, she thought it was just Emily in concert. LOL

    We didn't get home until 11pm, good thing she can sleep until 7 this morning and that it is the last day of school. I was up until 12 making stuff for the school lunchen.

    Best thing is I have the lrest of the week off after I get though today!

    Have a good day.
  5. Was just figuring out what time we have to leave cos it'll be rush hour still!
    ...did you see online that they say doors open at 6 not 6,30 as original email said, and show begins at 6,30 ..not 7 ?? Aim to get there a bit before 6 so as to get tickets. DD says there may be possibility of buying some stuff and it being a pass to a autograph session.....she googled!!I think she's excited!!
    My kids are both in french high school...and get great English scores - nice to know i'm good for something,lol
  6. My DD is in grade 7 and the DS is in grade 4 so no big exams for another year. Then DD goes to a English high school. The Ex doesn't want her to go to the French one and I don't feel like fighting it. I did tell her that she should take French in high school because then she would get great marks and she wouldn't lose it.

    Are you ready for tonight? After I drop the girls off I have to go grocery shopping.
  7. Mine go to French school too...just not in Ontario,lol
    Ds has last exam today, dd has already finished apart from atrip somewhere!
  8. I've never actually been to Centerpoint ,so thats good to know.Been to the NAC a fair number of times (though not this year cos the Broadway choice is soooo sad!!)- but never really looked into this theatre,lol
    Anyway, Do you know how long the concert is supposed to last?
  9. Centerpoint is great. They even have things to look at there. Sometimes there is a little art exhibit (spelling) and if you are there durring the day there is a used book store. We used to go to the family plays they had there, but the kids are to old now. At least the seat are padded and the place is smaller so you shouldn't be too bad off. Just bring some ear plaugs and the music won't be to loud.
  10. Just checked out the Centrepoint website and it says...Parking is free and plentiful.
    Great news - no need to stress out about parking then!
  11. LOL...OH please!!
    You never know, there may be a bunch of shops around where you can coupon hunt...and anyway, i,ll be the one stressed out from loud teeny music and omgoodness...screaming girls...oh lets hope not!!
  12. I'll be the fat old lady reading a book. LOL
  13. Oh wow - thanks for the heads up on the ID !Maybe i'll see you there anyway!
  14. Too bad. LOL

    I called and they said to have some sort of ID with you. Birth Cert or health card. I am plannig on getting there around 6ish just in case. LOL
  15. Oh how i wish we could get together at the concert,lol, but seriously looks like she wants me to go....pass the aspirin please!!
    Hopefully it won'T be tooo difficult picking up the tickets!!
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