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  1. hi hi
  2. hi hi hi aussie
  3. Im pretty good! and how have you been? Yes! I have a 9.5 month old daughter now Sarah. so whats new with you? anything exciting?
  4. aussieeeeeeee hey you I am good nice to hear from you after such a long time.....I am are you? You have a baby now right?
  5. Awwww, thank you Sneha! thats so sweet!! How are you doing? havent chatted to you in ages!
  6. a smile to cheer us up from all the disappointments with these reward sites.
  7. Happy Belated Birthday aussie Wish you all the best this year and every year
  8. Thank you and good night aussie sweet dreams
  9. You need 5000 points to redeem for $5, 10,000 for $10 and so on. you can redeem them for cheques or vouchers( gift cards) I used to redeem for cheques, but I recently switched it to amazon, because I need to buy foodsaver bags... and Im too cheap to pay out of pocket for those lol. The last few surveys Ive done are worth 600 and 800 points... but of course it depends on the length of the survey... Hope that helps a little bit! I gotta get to bed! goodnight!
  10. what rewards can you get? how much to get amazon?
  11. Hey you! synovate is a survey company... heres the link-
    I find the surveys dont come as often as web perspectives, might just be my demographics though, you may have better luck!
  12. what's synovate aussie? How are you?
  13. Hey! sorry for the slow reply.... got 2 wisdom teeth out last week, and Im still swollen and doped up on pain killers.... been stuck inside for 4 days now lol. Hoping to make it to the post office tomorrow.... and fingers crossed the swelling has gone down by tuesday when I go back to work! lol. Was really windy here yesterday, and a little bit today....
  14. hi ya aussie...really windy out. really looking for some disney movie reward codes right now. what's new with you?
  15. go aussie go whoot and a bonus you can try each contest 10 times a week so keep going and win some more
  16. omg I think I just won a $10 subway GC!!!!!!! You rock sneha!!!!!!
  17. Thanks for the links!!! no I didnt know about those actually!
  18. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! Hope you are having a fantastic day!!!!!
  19. hi aussie my friend posted this on facebook and I thought it was interesting so thought I would share it

    "Ever noticed how all women's problems begin with men? MENtal illness....MENstrual cramps... MENtal breakdown... MENopause... GUYnocologist!"
  20. Yeah weekend is alright so far... working all weekend lol. I am so ready for bed, and its not even 8pm yet lol.
  21. I'm good just relaxing how is your weekend going? Thank you for the code
  22. hey! how are you?? I found another lunchmate code for ya! will PM it to you later on!
  23. Hi ya aussie
  24. hello sneha!!!!!
  25. Hi you
  26. Thanks for the rep!!! Sure you can come over for dinner!!! WE are having pork chops, and some oven fries, because Im too lazy to peel potatoes and cooked mashed spuds.... maybe I should have waited till after dinner to have some jim beam! it always makes me sleepy!!! LOL
  27. Your welcome! there is a refferal one... but you get entered into a contest to win $5000... big whoop lol.
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