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  1. I think we had the best of all worlds in those days, Snow....we still felt safe wherever we went, the music was beyond fantastic, boys were boys and girls were girls (is it okay to admit that? lol!)...our DD loves the 60s music and said she was born too late...I gave all my LPs (remember those that were "collection" of hits?!) and 45s to our SIL...he still plays them on his new turntable and with new speakers...I swear, one day I'm going to go over there and when we're playing pool he's going to play them for me! Why didn't I think of that before?!
    Ah...the good 'ol days...haven't things changed, though? And not for the better, not one single bit, in spite of the "conveniences" we have....Gosh I sound like an old lady! Which I'm NOT!

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend, Hon!
  2. Werent the 60`s great? I saved all my Beatles and Rollilng Stones stuff until 2 years ago when i started selling off the stuff on eBay. And i still have hundreds and hundreds of 45`s and LP`s and a stereo that plays them and an 8 track player! lolllll
  3. You`re very welcome. EBay can be a great hobby and part-time job. It`s the worlds biggest garage sale.
  4. Thank you for the ebay shipping was just as I thought it would be: heading to the post office and getting estimates to far away places... Have a lovely weekend!
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